In terms of genetic stock, the breeding program of Scuderia Sonnevend already has one of the highest quality portfolios in Central Europe. Some of our horses are still embryonic, but we also have jumping horses already take part in competition. We are planning to buy another 10 horses in 2020, who could already enter the next season.

Within 2 years, Scuderia Sonnevend will have approximately 10 horses of each year in the 0-5 age range, with the most perfect bloodline. Out of these, 4-5 year-old horses will participate in internationalchampionships.

With this goal in mind, we will become one of the highest quality equestrian stables in Europe. Breeding and training is a long process. Our priority is that horses can deliver the high- est performance possible when they are ready for competition.

Our goal is for our horses to reach the jumping height of 1.60 m by the age of 10-12, qualifying them for the most significant international jumping competitions, as well as the Olympics.

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