Scuderia SA is proud to rely on the collaboration with Avantea, the leader fertility clinic in Europe for equine assisted reproduction. The cutting-edge technology for elite horses allows to produce embryos in vitro and be fertilized using ICSI. We also put a huge emphasis on the importance of the good recipient mare. 

The surrogate mares make sure that the competing horses are not interrupted in their busy work schedule. Our infrastructural background allows our foals to grow strong in huge paddocks all day and the mares to enjoy their retirement while caring for the next generation.


  • World class genetics
  • Transparent breeding process
  • No hidden fees
  • Exclusivity
  • Caring package until divesiture
  • Cutting-edge technology

The scope of Scuderia Sonnevend does not stop at its own world-class broodmares and stock of stallions. By monitoring the world of show jumping we constantly update our genetic collection and work with the top ranked sires of the WBFSH Sire Rankings. On top of this, due to our longstanding international connections with top tier breeding and training stables, as soon as a top category mare steps back from competition and enters her breeding career, Scuderia SA is the first one to have the opportunity to bring you her first embryo. Our goal is to rely on the traditionally proven genetics and create modern bloodlines to move the sport forward. Our team can bring you virtually any combination of bloodlines, just to mention a few: Werly Chin de Muze x Emerald van’t Ruytershof, VDL Groep Eureka x Chacco-Blue, China Touch Hero x Aganix du Seigneur!