Birth of a modern damline

At Scuderia Sonnevend we are proud of our carefully selected broodmare selection. We chose to breed with these magnificent horses because of their extraordinary showjumping qualities and the outstanding performance of their offspring. 

This is how our Oh D’Eole and China Touch Hero became the backbones of our broodmare selection. We combine each of them with TOP 30 WBFSH sires so that they can bring out the best from their breeding career. In addition, there are also self-bred broodmares in our stable with just as outstanding bloodlines.

Taloubella SA Z (Little Lady Z x Taloubet Z) is the young filly of two outstanding horses of the contemporary sport. This 2020 filly is always at the door of the paddock to greet her visitors with the utmost kindness. She is definitely a great character with even greater ancestors!

Taloubet Z was recognizable by his incredible power, unprecedented capacity and a super fast foreleg. In his saddle with Christian Ahlmann won many huge events like the Leipzig World Cup Final, Nation Cups or reaching individual ninth at the Rio Olympics. He has a great number of offsprings, most notably the approved GCL level stallion Take A Chance On Me Z (1.65), Taloubetdarco K Z (1.60) or Aloubet KV (1.60).

Taloubella SA Z is not only sired by an impressive showjumper but also has an Olympian on her dam’s side. Little Lady Z arrived to the top 1.60m level with the legend himself, Michael Whitaker, later became the favourite of the head of Zangersheide, Judy Ann Melchoir. Their top rider, Christian Ahlmann also reached many successes with her, finishing in top 3 at CSI5* level in: Lyon, Monte Carlo, Bordeaux or Valkenswaard.

Exceptional bloodline

  • During his entire sport career Taloubet Z was undoubtedly one of the very best showjumpers in the world
  • Few horses can come close to Taloubet Z’s record. €2million in prize-money, 105 starts in CSI5* competitions, 45 World Cup competitions, 26 international victories, 9 Championships and medals at Olympic, European and World Cup finals
  • Taloubet Z’s most famous son is undeniably Take a Chance on Me Z, the winner of the GCT GP of Paris, who is well on his way to tread in his father’s footsteps!
  • In 2018, Taloubet Z took his farewell from the sport in the grandest of ways by bringing home the victory in his very last competition, the World Cup in Leipzig. His legacy lives on in his offspring
  • Taloubet Z was great at mustering his power and jump the most challenging fence just out of nothing. His other famous characteristic was his super fast foreleg. […] These are qualities also seen in his offspring and we definitely have to make the most of that!’ – the description of Christian Ahlmann
  • Galoubet A is shaping as the most important stallion in the line from Ibrahim through Almé and is probably the most influential jumping sire in the second decade of the 21st century
  • Little Lady Z has reached 5* 1.60m level with results in the top 3 in multiple GCT competitions
  • Laptop comes from the great Holsteiner stallion Lord and Loredo, achieving high results in both dressage and jumping, while his damline also produced great showjumpers, such as Spartan, sire of Stakkato


  • CSI5* World Cup Leipzig (1.60),
    1st place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5*-W World Cup Madrid (1.60),
    1st place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5*-W World Cup Mechelen (1.60),
    1st place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5* Paris-Grand Palais (1.60),
    1st place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5* GCT Monte Carlo (1.60),
    2nd place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5*-W World Cup Lyon (1.60),
    2nd place with Christian Ahlmann
  • Nations Cup Barcelona (1.60),
    2nd place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5* Lyon (1.60),
    1st place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5*-W London-Olympia (1.60),
    3rd place with Michael Whitaker
  • CSI5*-W Stuttgart (1.60),
    5th place with Michael Whitaker
  • CSI5* Basel (1.50),
    2nd place with Michael Whitaker
  • CSI5* GCT Monte Carlo (1.50),
    2nd place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5*-W World Cup Stuttgart (1.65)
    with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5* GCT/GCL Paris (1.60),
    1st place with Christian Ahlmann
  • CSI5* Villach Treffen (1.60),
    3rd place with Christian Ahlmann