The 1-2-3 rule

We are launching a new Instagram series called „Did you know”! From now on every week you can expect a breeding or other horse related fun fact on our page, stay updated to learn more interesting news about our passion!

The first post is about the 1-2-3 rule; The first three hours of the foal’s life are crucial to its success and timing is everything. We always stand by the newborn and the mare in these vital hours to see if everything is alright, otherwise our veterinarian is quickly on its way. You can imagine our nervousness in these important early moments! In our experience, the taller foals may need a bit more help, since they have to bend their knee and turn their head a lot more to be able to nurse. We take pride in our 24h assistance, always making sure that our staff is on standby, incase a newborn needs a bit of a helping hand!