was born out of our passion for horses and the equestrian sport, which has been a part of our family’s lives for three generations now. In keeping with family traditions, it is important for us to create a breeding and showjumping stable that creates value for the equestrian society.

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Our founders, Alexandra Sonnevend and Ágoston Gubicza combine generations of love for horses and the kind of professional management that enables the creation of a world-class equestrian centre. At Scuderia Sonnevend, we breed the highest quality horses in collaboration with internationally recognized equestrian centres, using the most modern technologies.

Although we work with descendants of world-class stallions and mares thanks to our professional connections world-wide, the Hungarian equestrian heritage is extremely important to us.

Our value system is based on contributing to the success of the Hungarian show jumping sport, but have it challenged in the international market.

We foster a culture of ’growing talent from within’ by providing training
and developmental opportunities for our team to better equip them for the challenges
of today and ready them for the future.

With the expansion of our stud,
we want to give more and more space
for the next generation of riders by providing them with quality education and job opportunities. The goal of Scuderia Sonnevend is to build, educate and develop a racing stable of 50 well known jumping horses with a professional team, who will be famous for their excellence throughout Europe.

We’d like them to become part of the stable’s daily lives and achieve both local and international success. We will compete in the most prestigious international competitions, with the ultimate goal of breeding and training Olympic horses.


A family with
multigenerational equestrian


Ownership of the largest
Hungarian privately-owned
venture capital fund.


Limited breeding, always
putting quality over


Relationship with the best
breeders in Europe, thus
access to the best genetics.


Our Hungarian heritage
is important, but we are striving
to succeed in the international


We believe that the success of Scuderia Sonnevend depends not only on our passionate and professional work, but also on our partnerships. For this reason, we are looking for long-term partners who share our values and are able to make a long-term commitment to Scuderia Sonnevend supporting the sport of show jumping.